The Perfect Gift for Your Favourite Teen
Introducing the NOSO Journal - The Perfect Gift For Your Digital Teen. NOSO provides an introduction to journaling for teenagers, making the benefits of journaling more easily accessible to boost teen confidence and positively impact wellbeing. With NOSO Journal we aim to inspire teenagers to grow into their best selves.

We’ve called it NOSO – Not OSOcial (Media) – a place to go when you unplug from the digital world. “Teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms” Evan Asano @Mediakix

We were successfully funded on Kickstarter!
NOSO Journal Kickstarter Campaign
We are a unique journal to inspire teens to grow into their best selves. NOSO is a quality journal filled with prompts and exercises to help nurture positive habits of journaling, creative expression, critical thinking, reflection and more, all this along with the benefits that accompany them.

Developing NOSO Journal and making our passion project happen is an exciting endeavour. With NOSO, we aspire to positively impact the wellbeing of teenagers. It is meant to bring joy, clarity, personal growth and a personal space for creative expression. We are confident that it is the perfect gift to give and to receive.

Your support is bringing us closer to our goal. Thank you so much for that and for checking out our project. Much appreciated!