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Benefits of Journaling for Teens

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Journaling is a great way for parents to encourage children to practice writing skills, especially teenagers. Unlike a diary that is used to recount daily activities and thoughts and feelings, journaling is soo much more!

  What’s Journaling Used For?

Journaling is great for children who are not forthcoming with wanting to write, are reluctant to speak or, have a hard time expressing themselves.

The activities within Journaling are diverse, can incorporate just about any subject and makes learning fun.

Allows a child’s to capture their imagination, set themselves goals and promotes positive thinking.

Journaling As an Outlet

For teenagers who have a hard time expressing their thoughts and emotions verbally or setting themselves goals, keeping a journal of their thoughts is a great way to help learn how they can manage their emotions in a constructive way. They may not have the answers immediately, but can always return to the problem to when able to look at it more objectively.

No one else sees what is written which allows for dreaming and exploration, creative flow without being judged or critiqued.

By having this outlet it gives a safe channel to explore his or her emotions, express anger, fear and elation.

Prompted Journaling

Using prompts in Journaling is often useful for teenagers to write about good things, positive activities and people and events that hold memories.

“What was the best thing about today?”

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