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Our Kickstarter Journey

The Full Interview

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The Brains & The Beauty

Q: Whose idea was it to fund the project on Kickstarter and who created the packages available for pledges?

A: From the start, this has been a real duo team project. We both wanted to make something happen together. Something that would make a positive dent in the world. For our amazing young people. We are always filled with many ideas. We decided to pick one and go for it: NOSO Journal, the perfect offline space to create, think and reflect. A physical product to exist side by side with all the wonderful technology we get to use.
We chose to crowdfund for our journal, to see whether other people would believe in our mission and our intentions. It had to be a beautiful, high-quality product. Something that would be meaningful for the person who would be gifting it and for the person receiving it. We also chose to crowdfund for it as a way to validate our idea. And, we needed the funding to go to print.
Jannetje segmented the various reward packages, Marie-Anne developed the names for them. We are particularly fond of the “Make a Teen Smile!”- reward package.

The Facts & Figures

Q: What will you use the additional pledged money for?

A: The additional pledged money will be used to donate extra journals to our selected teen wellbeing charities. Besides all our passion, time, energy and expertise, we invested personal funds to be able to get to the crowdfunding stage (developing a prototype, testing, etc.). Hopefully, in time, we can earn that investment back.

Smashing the Target

Q: How did you go about getting pledges and spreading the word?

A: We shared our story and our vision with all the people in our inner circle. From there we moved on and approached our wider network of acquaintances and business partners, which was has grown over the years. After that, we proactively engaged with people through LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We met the most amazing people, new friends, and felt such support from them. We are especially pleased and thankful that there are so many people who understand our mission and love what we are doing. It has shown in our pledges as well! Reaching out to so many people, speaking at network events about NOSO Journal, has also helped us to learn and develop our ideas into even better ones.

The Wait is Almost Over

Q: When and where can the general public buy the NOSO Journal?

A: NOSO Journal is already available for pre-order through The physical journals will be printed and in stock as of mid-February. Who knows, in future, they may be purchased from stationery and/or bookstores.

The Heebie-jeebies

Q: Did you ever question not getting to the deadline?

A: Yes! We were working tirelessly to get to the mark. After the initial peak, the crowdfunding slowed down. We kept at it though and started spreading our story with even more determination and courage. This definitely involved stepping out of our comfort zone; talking in public, approaching people we didn’t know, trying new tactics, making decisions, some of which were disappointing and others lifted us up. Nail-biting moments to be sure and at times hard work to keep the energy up. We met the 100% day mark just about 24 hours before the deadline. Whoop whoop!

NOSO Journal funded with Kickstarter
NOSO Journal Giving Back: we're giving 10% of the profile from all sales to Teen Well-being and Mental Health Initiatives
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