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Popular Journal activities your teenager will love!

Journal Activities for Teens

If you follow us online you can probably tell that we are slightly obsessed with journaling, and we are not alone!


2018 saw an explosion of Journal users around the world.


Every day people of all ages are becoming aware of the amazing benefits of journaling and embracing the idea of putting pen to paper.


At NOSO Journal, we've seen first-hand the positive impact journaling can have on young people.


The best thing about using a journal? The possibilities are endless.

At any given time, a journal can transform into a personal organiser, confidante or friend.


In this article, we'll share some of our favourite journal activities to encourage your teen to get creative, stay organised and achieve those all-important goals!


Goal & Habit Tracker

Using a journal as a tool to track and monitor progress is a super way to keep your teen focused on their goals.

The best thing is? There are no limitations or rules. A bullet style journal (used by NOSO Journal) will give your teen the freedom to track and monitor anything they like.

We absolutely love the idea of dividing a journal into personalised calendar months and creating mini monthly to-dos leading to that all-important top line goal.

Journaling is also a great way to track habits.

With a journal, your teen can track anything from exercise habits, bedtime routines or simply the number of books they want to read in a year.

We love the example below from my blue sky design who uses a colour coded system to keep on track!

Physically seeing the progress can boost the 'feel good' factor and increase that sense of satisfaction, encouraging your teen to stick with their goals!

Managing School Work

How often has your teenager come home from school to discover they had forgotten a notebook for a particular class?

More than once I would imagine!

With so many classes and notes to keep track of, it's easy to see why your teen could feel overwhelmed.

That's where a journal can really step in and lighten the load.

Instead of 1 notebook for each subject, your teen can use one main journal to store important information on ALL subjects.

Your teen can record notes, check important dates or track their progress on certain projects or assignments.

They can also divide their journal into different subjects and use the index at the beginning to keep everything organised, making the whole process feel less overwhelming!

Journal Ideas to help students study and get organised NOSO Journal

Self Care

We know from research that our teenagers are feeling more stressed and anxious than ever before.

Experts say that social media is having a huge impact on our teenagers' self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

That's why we loved the idea below from plans that blossom.

It's a reminder to our teenagers that there are plenty of activities that can make them feel good away from social media and screens!

Fun screen free activities for teenagers NOSO Journal


Journaling is a wonderful way to track the things that you feel grateful for!

Sometimes we forget about the wonderful simple pleasures in life. Expressing our gratitude and committing it to paper is a great way to feel thankful every day.

Did you know that your brain interprets gratitude as optimism, and optimism can lower the pesky stress hormone called cortisol?

Keeping a gratitude journal can help your teen feel happier and focus on the positive moments in their lives. It's particularly helpful after a bad day at school.

Your teen can start small and use their journal a few nights a week to document what they are grateful for. It can be anything from their comfy bed to a compliment they received, or simply spending time with a friend or family member.

Gratitude Journaling NOSO Journal

Capture Learnings

Every day we are bombarded and overloaded with information and our brains simply cannot process it all.

Some of the information is useful, the majority is not.

So, how can we separate the two and capture the information that is beneficial to us, whilst forgetting the noise?

Simple, Journaling!

Did you know that you are more likely to remember something if you have written it down?

That's why I bring my journal everywhere with me so I can capture those important learnings as I go.

Every day your teen is stumbling across bucket loads of information, from books, articles, tv programmes, Ted X talks.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could capture this useful information in one place to return to when they need it? We love the example below!

Capturing Quotes using your NOSO Journal

Personal Organisor

Let's face it, these days our teenagers have better social lives than we do.

Birthdays, events, after-school activities– it's a lot to juggle, particularly for a parent.

Why not share the responsibility and encourage your teen to manage their own diary.

It takes the pressure off you, and at the same time encourages your teen to take some personal responsibility for their own schedule instead of always relying on you!

Capturing the lightbulb moments

How many times have you had a brilliant idea but completely forgot about it because you didn't have anywhere to write it down?

Keeping a journal on your bedside locker or in your bag is a super easy way to capture those thoughts and lightbulb moments.

It's a great habit for your teen too.

Our teenagers are having a harder time falling asleep. Excessive screen time and overactive brain activity are leaving our teens tossing and turning at night.

Writing things down before bed can help.

Pouring their ideas and thoughts onto paper at night can help your teen to fall asleep quicker, knowing they have safely captured their ideas for another day.

At NOSO we created our journal with this idea in mind. It's compact enough to fit in almost any bag plus it comes with its own portable bag so you don't need to worry about it getting damaged!


So there you have it. Our favourite journal activities for teens.

We love seeing all the different ways our children use their journals.

Some days they draw, other days they write or use it to map out their goals and dreams.

It's a place where they can get creative and use it in whatever way they please!

That's the reason why we love journaling so much!

Are you stuck for a special gift for your teen this Christmas? Why not give the gift of a journal?

My sister Marie Anne and I created the NOSO Journal with teenagers in mind. With journal prompts, designs and hundreds of pages to get creative we know your teenager will love it!

Check out the NOSO Journal here

You can also join our growing journal community by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for the latest journaling tips, free printables and writing prompts.

We would LOVE to hear from you! Why not talk to your teens about sharing some of their wonderful creations with us, if they are happy to do so of course!

We would love to feature them across our social platforms to share the joy and purpose of journaling.

We love seeing ideas come to life!

Jannetje Van Leewen

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